Little Red – Revisited

Many tell the tale of Little Red who went into the woods to bring food to an old grandma who lived deep inside. She was told to stay on the well trodden path, yet sooner than later the spirit of the wild caught up with her and she started to explore the wilderness. 

Unknown to her a creature, scary and hungry, commonly called The Wolf had been following her every step all the way to the old grandma’s house. It is here that she and the grandma are eaten by The Wolf eventually tearing themselves out of its belly. 

This story cautions us to stay away from the woods altogether, never ever leave the path well trodden; and teaches us to be scared of The Wolf or we shall be eaten. We are told the dangers are real; the eventual rescue and the reward is a ‘fairytale’. For the world we live in, which adapted many of these stories as precautionary tales, the wisdom and roadmap to self actualisation they contain has been reduced to unrealistic fantasies asking us to stay with the known, encouraging us to not explore our own vastness and never ever listen to the wildish nature. 

So here is the story of Little Red told once again and maybe this time an encouragement, not a cautionary tale. 

Little Red went into the woods to bring food to old grandma that lived deep within. She had learnt to walk on paths well trodden and yet something about the open blue sky; lush greenery, sounds and smells of the jungle led her off that path – the unseen and the unknown calling out to her. She skipped and hopped and jumped; wandering more than walking eventually reaching the old grandma. 

She brought in her wake The Wolf who pounced and in two quick gulps swallowed both her and grandma. 

In the belly of The Wolf – dark and moist – the old and the young came together, discovering for the first time the strength of their differences and how together they were mightier than the fears they were taught. 

Suddenly, The Wolf that had eaten them wasn’t a hungry scary beast and the belly of The Wolf was not the end of the road for them. Rescuing themselves out of the belly became a great adventure now that they were liberated from the bounds of the known; and the tried and tested. They found themselves not cut off and separated from the intuitive wisdom that guides all creatures of the wild including The Wolf and in that moment knew where to make the incision leading a way out of the belly. 

Little Red spent her time telling people to not be afraid of the wild and the creatures in the wild; that the belly of the beast was a boon for without having been there she would have never seen beyond what she was taught to fear, reject and stay away from; and met, known the abundance of her own wisdom and resourcefulness.